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Nice to meet you, Ross Marks!

Nice to meet you, Ross Marks!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Ross Marks, Assistant Manager at the Stygler Road branch, isn’t the typical branch associate. Ross has a vision and a plan for his future, and fortunately for Heartland, a career at the bank is right near the top of the list.

Today, the typical millennial bounces from position to position, never intending to devote much over two years to any one company. Ross has invested over five years at Heartland Bank and doesn’t see the stereotypical job-hop happening to him. “I am excited for the future and growth of Heartland Bank and want to continue to grow within this company,” shared Ross.

“Our clients are not a number to us like big banks; we want to build relationships with our clients to make sure we are providing an enjoyable experience. The pride that we have serving our communities I believe sets us apart from the big banks. We live and work in the communities that we serve,” added Ross as he evaluated the reputation of Heartland – a reputation that speaks to him and creates a desire to commit to the Heartland mission and develop his own Heartland story.

Ross is convinced that everyone has a story, and his unique advice to new associates is that they will have a Heartland story too. They might be identified with exceptional talent in a certain area. They might receive an unexpected opportunity for continuing education. They might even receive a promotion and recognition based solely on hard work, determination, and identification of their devotion to the Heartland mission. Whatever the exact story, each associate is continually asked to share their story, as these add to the strength of the Heartland tradition and provide validation to the expression, the Heartland Family.

The only thing that trumps the Heartland Family on Ross’ plan is his soon-to-be wife, Rachel Calvert. “This October I will be marrying one of the most grounded, caring and loving persons I have ever known.  We are excited for what the future will bring for us.” As Ross and Rachel plan for their future, they remain grounded and engaged in their community. Attending local events and festivals, spending time with family and friends, and continuing volunteer activities together all combine to produce a well-rounded couple destine for success.

Ross additionally feels success in his current position at Heartland Bank. “I am proud to be taking the knowledge that I have gained and advance my career with Heartland Bank. I am a graduate of Principles of Banking, and I am thrilled to be attending the Emerging Leaders program offered in 2019 by the CBAO.  However, what I am most proud of is having my peers within Heartland nominate me for our Quality and Excellence award in 2016.” A special pin is given to the recipient of this award and Ross proudly wears his to remind him to spread his Heartland story. 

If you would like to start your Heartland story, either as a customer or as an associate, check out our website at Heartland.Bank for product information, career availability and all the happenings at Heartland!