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Nice to meet you, Jonathan Heberline!

Nice to meet you, Jonathan Heberline!

Thursday, October 22, 2020/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Jonathan Heberline has a story. Most of his coworkers don’t know his story, although he does share it from time to time. It’s a feel-good story, and it inspires those of us who still don’t know what we want to do when we grow up or what path we want to take to continue to reach for the stars. You just might catch one like Jonathan!

With an introduction to Heartland Bank through his position at Best Courier, Jonathan liked what he saw when he made deliveries to the branches. “I would come into each branch, take bags, and notice how happy, friendly and helpful the Heartland staff was. So, after a year, I knew I had to work here! My first official Heartland position was in July of 2011 as a Customer Service Representative in Reynoldsburg.”

Not only was a position as a bank teller not in his career plan, Jonathan had a background in graphic design – nothing close to finance or accounting. Best Courier offered nothing related to graphic design either, so why not work somewhere that was at least appealing daily, offered camaraderie and might one-day develop into something closer to one of those on his dream-job list?

After working in a branch for several years, Jonathan was ‘discovered’ by individuals in senior management. He completed a random graphic project, his expertise was identified, a need in the marketing department was recognized, and suddenly in the Heartland way, Jonathan was moved to a position that complemented his abilities and experience. “Be honest about what you like to do and be even more honest and upfront about what your passions are. If you show Heartland that you have the passion, skill set and determination to achieve a goal, there is an incredibly good chance that Heartland will support you in reaching it. This is how I became a graphic designer at Heartland. There are people in the bank who saw what I could do and thought I could help in Marketing.”

“As a Graphic Designer/Marking Administrator, I am primarily responsible for all print and digital media that Heartland needs for advertising. I create flyers, pamphlets, stationary, magazines, stickers, digital ads, logos, emails, you name it! I also help support Marketing with other tasks such as setting up for events, taking photos, and everyday office tasks.”

Jonathan’s commitment to his career is inspiring. “I’m always striving to do and learn more for Heartland. My goal is to produce more stunning visual interactivity for us in the near future. I’m working on upping my skill sets so that I can provide more interactive media and digital interactivity to Heartland’s visual profile. This includes more advanced animation for our lobby TVs and our intranet.” However, he admits to learning by the printed word also. “I often view myself as ‘academically challenged,’ so I am most proud of the Principles of Banking program. Heartland really has gotten that class right.”

“I am also immensely proud of my Quality and Excellence pin!” The Quality and Excellence award is given by associates to associates. “To me, Quality and Excellence is a term used at Heartland to express our drive to perform at a higher standard than anyone else. We choose to provide great service not because it’s good business, but because it’s the right thing to do. And that performance that gets us there shows the quality of our culture.” Recipients can be identified by a lapel pin that associates are encouraged to wear daily.

Jonathan is proud to call Heartland his work home, and he is very clear as to why he believes in the Heartland way. “Just call us. Then call any other bank. We win. Community banks like Heartland are big enough to help, and small enough to care. When you pick up the phone, we answer. I heard about a banker here that met a customer at the gas station because they forgot their debit card, and they were stuck with no gas. I watched a banker welcome ten different customers into the lobby by first name and ask how their kids were doing in school. I witnessed a banker who identified a debt issue with a client and went out of his way to provide a solution to get that client out of a financial bind. Heartland is local and can make quick decisions to help you. Heartland does the right thing.”

Although Jonathan’s downtime does include a bit of screen time, he’s mostly been attracted to the environment – through scouting and hiking. “Growing up, I’ve always had a natural pull to art and the environment around me. I was always drawing, painting, creating stuff. Backpacking is a huge passion of mine. I’m currently section-hiking (100-mile hikes) the Appalachian Trail each year until I complete it. I’m 300 miles in on a 2,230-mile trail. I’ll get there! One day in the future I will conquer the entire trail in one go (called a thru-hike).”

He’s also devoted to scouting. “I joined a boy scout troop when I was 11 years old, and I haven’t left! I’m an Eagle Scout, hold the Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow and a Wood Badge graduate. I’ve been a scoutmaster, a committee chair (for two different units), a district commissioner, a den leader, and I’ve assisted with National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), a council-run course, and will be doing that again next year. I’ve been in scouting for 25 years, and now I get to watch both of my children go through the program. My wife is also involved as a cub scout leader, and she serves on a district committee.”

 Last, but definitely not least, Jonathan shares the greatest accomplishments in his life - his two kids! “Lilianna is 5 years old, and she is a bundle of laughter. Logan is my 12-year-old son, and he thinks he is an adult! If I ever have a bad day, I only need to sit with them for a few minutes and everything is wonderful again.”

We invite you to check out Heartland Bank where our associates are like family, and your family can be part of our family!