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Thursday, July 29, 2021/Categories: Customer Stories

Wander around any office or industrial park in most large cities, and it’s easy to see that small businesses are dotting every other corner and side street in these areas. They are the foundations of our communities and the connections that keep the financial infrastructure strong. Many of Heartland Bank’s business clients are proudly making their mark in our local communities, and MCMILLANCO on Westbelt Drive in Columbus is one of our clients that is growth oriented and service focused.

Founded in 2014 as a one-man-show by President Dustin McMillan, MCMILLANCO is now a seven-person team with international reach. They are consultants for manufacturers assisting in the buying and selling of highly engineered pieces and parts. Basically, a full-service sourcing company that does contract manufacturing when needed – they can warehouse these parts and well as assemble a kit of parts then pack and ship them to any location around the world.

MCMILLANCO often partners with other manufacturers helping them take an idea from paper to production. For example, when CuGrip consulted with MCMILLANCO on a bacteria-killing copper grip for door handles, Dustin contacted many small banks to get financing for a laminating, kiss-cutting and die-cutting machine to mass-produce these items and landed with Heartland Bank. He interviewed Commercial Relationship Manager Marlise Hitchens at Heartland, loved the Heartland style and was relieved as she guided him through the formal lending process securing financing within 30 days. His company was previously very cash driven. Economies of scale pushed Dustin’s hand for a new banking partnership.

MCMILLANCO was outgrowing their long-time banking relationship of simply a checking and savings account. They were positioning themselves for the future and needed more flexibility. Their niche is to solve issues for manufacturers that often amount to a savings of nearly half the anticipated project budget. How could they do this with limited financial capabilities?

At the end of the day, it’s all about networking – putting people in touch with people that can solve an issue or locate a solution. As a result of the laminating, kiss-cutting and die-cutting machine purchase utilizing Heartland funding, MCMILLANCO is positioning itself to be the problem solver in as many cases as possible. Initially, with a request from a customer, according to Dustin, “We had a concept, we assisted with the design, helped design the most efficient tooling, and figured out the best way to manufacture it." With their new investment, they also hope to be the manufacturer on many of the projects where they provide their expertise.

With the devotion of the staff, MCMILLANCO takes pride in their ability to respond quickly to the client’s needs. Whether it means securing financing or reworking design specifications, Dustin admits, “It is really fun to help someone struggling with something and to see that solution come to fruition. That’s my why.”

If you aren’t sure of your “why” with your choice of financial institutions, come on over to Heartland where banking feels good and the whys are answered!