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Lincoln Construction – Building a Way of Life

Lincoln Construction – Building a Way of Life

Tuesday, September 11, 2018/Categories: Customer Stories

Building without building is not an option at Lincoln. Before contracts are even signed, Lincoln Construction is committed to building relationships with their clients as the first step toward a successful, collaborative project. This has become their way of life, guiding their culture through client advocacy and old-fashioned family values.

Kurt Schmitt is the patriarch behind Lincoln’s current success and his children are quick to give credit where credit is due. Greg and Andrea Schmitt now work with their father and admit that his planning for the future in the formative years has been what has made the difference in the bottom line and the front line. Lincoln is not only maintaining 20 to 30-year relationships with clients, they are attracting new interest with their focused business strategy employing principles of advocacy, accountability and accessibility.

Greg and Andrea were no strangers to construction talk as evening meals and company picnics were part of their upbringing, along with actual on-the-site, part-time positions working side-by-side with skilled craftsmen and field laborers. Both went to college, ultimately exploring careers very different from the construction industry where they had first been exposed to the working world. They didn’t stay away long as they were eventually recruited by Kurt in a proper and professional style, eliciting a positive response, and soon they were onboard with his succession plan.

Growing organically and adopting a customer-centered philosophy has become Lincoln’s trademark. Greg admits, “It means developing solutions before challenges become problems, identifying cost centers before construction and developing cost effective alternatives that preserve our clients’ budgets.” This attitude, along with “knowing who you are and what you’re good at,” gives Lincoln an advantage that sets them apart from other construction companies…a fact that the team at Lincoln embraces with perspective and passion.

“You don’t want to work backwards,” added Andrea while making the point that Lincoln prefers to be involved from the very beginning to keep the best interests of the client in mind during all stages of the construction process. “Clients fall in love with their architectural drawing and they should,” but Andrea acknowledges that budgets can mean plan alterations and if Lincoln is a partner from the beginning, they do their best to ensure that the customer’s dream becomes a reality.

Heartland has direct experience with Lincoln Construction as they are currently building the new Upper Arlington branch location, and the staff at Heartland can attest to the fact that Lincoln practices what they preach. According to Director of Distribution Strategies, Ashley Trout, “Lincoln is not only a construction partner, but also a strategic business partner who offers valuable insight throughout the building process. I am continually impressed by their professionalism while at the same time appreciating how they can make the building process seem effortless and transformational for Heartland.”

Heartland Bank also subscribes to customer-oriented strategies, thus attracting Lincoln Construction when they were in the market for a new financial home. Lincoln was impressed with the personal service that Heartland Bank provides and felt that building a banking relationship would be an advantageous partnership. “You can have a relationship – you can pick up the phone and talk with someone. You can have a conversation and watch out for each other,” Greg added. “We look for that old-school way of doing business and we like the fit with Laurie Pfieffer, Director of Commercial Banking, and Donna Holycross, Branch Manager, at Heartland Bank.”

“Having Lincoln Construction as a business partner has been a first-rate experience. They share Heartland’s commitment to excellence, which makes for an exemplary working relationship. I look forward to the future and the many ways we can continue to help each other grow,” stated Laurie as she acknowledged the deepening relationship with Lincoln Construction.

We believe that building strong relationships with our customers is a great beginning. Visit any one of our 15 branch locations and let us construct your financial plan on a solid foundation!