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Jill Taylor is in the Spotlight!

Jill Taylor is in the Spotlight!

Friday, July 22, 2022/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Associates at Heartland Bank are known for being honest, and integrity is simply second nature. According to Accounting Manager Jill Taylor, “Choosing a community bank, and Heartland specifically, is a no brainer. We will deliver by doing what is right for our clients.”

This mindset derives from the innate character traits sought after during the recruiting process at Heartland. Skill set, experience and education are priorities, but do you have the Heartland “heart” - the drive to put your client first and the desire to assimilate into a family atmosphere that is based on three generations of family commitment?

“Your career is a marathon, not a sprint. Take pride in the good times and know that when times are tough, they won’t last forever. Sometimes, some of the things you do may not seem valuable but over time will pay off in dividends,” shared Jill. This is what defines the teams at Heartland, and what keeps a respectable number of associates on the payroll well over their 10-year mark. 

Career commitment is also developed as a result of empowerment. Empowering the associates to control their destiny at the bank and develop their positions to provide value is essential for a contributory workforce. According to Jill, “The accounting team’s primary responsibilities are reconciling the internal accounts and balance sheet for the bank, holding company (Heartland BancCorp) and TransCounty Title Agency (over 400 reconciliations each month). We pay the bills for the holding company, the bank and the Heartland Bank Community Foundation, including expense reports for associates. We also work closely with our bond accountant, Stifel, and handle the internal accounting of the investment portfolio along with pledging against public deposits.” With this level of intricate responsibilities, Jill looks to her team daily to adjust, evaluate, research and respond to keep the behind-the-scenes functions running smoothly. 

Jill admits that the clients never really know how hard the staff works to deliver the exceptional experience promised to them. Heartland associates strive for Quality and Excellence on a daily basis – marked by the Quality and Excellence award given to associates twice a year and voted on by their peers. “Q & E means providing value to the bank and other teams in a way that either hasn’t been done before or finding a better way to do something,” added Jill.

In reality, Jill also understands that challenges go with the territory. “When the acquisition of Victory Community Bank was announced, Accounting was at the beginning of a conversion of our financial management system. The acquisition and conversion happened within two weeks of one another, and our team maintained VCB’s accounting systems along with our own simultaneously (and ours was new). It was quite a challenge, but we were successful.”

Jill has no challenges in her after-work life…living near Buckeye Lake gives her that vacation feeling for nearly half the year as she enjoys the activities of the Thornville area. Growing up in New Jersey and moving to Ohio just before high school, she quickly converted to the midwestern way of life and completed her education in Ohio graduating from three different Ohio universities.    

Her goals for the future are pretty simple. “At the bank I’d like to continue to evolve and grow and provide value to stakeholders. In life, I want to travel to as many places as I can and retire when I am young enough to enjoy it still!”

If you’re looking for a community bank or a career where the associates are proud of a job-well-done, come on over to Heartland Bank, where banking feels good!