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Grass Groomers

Grass Groomers

Thursday, May 21, 2020/Categories: Customer Stories

Small businesses are the backbone of a community. They are also valued clients for a community bank. Investing in them, guiding their finances and offering timely advice, a bank is a hidden partner to a small business, but at the same time, relying on them as an anchor to the community.

Grass Groomers and Boren Brothers are two small businesses run by the Boren family with ties not only to the community at their locations in Reynoldsburg, Dublin, and Findlay, but also to Buckeye Nation. The three Boren brothers played football for/graduated from The Ohio State University and then worked with their father, Mike Boren (a University of Michigan grad), to start a very successful duo of businesses to serve the Central Ohio community and beyond.

Mike, along with Justin, Zach and Jacoby, is devoted to Central Ohio, and his three sons are determined to give back to a community that was extremely supportive through their collegiate careers. The decision to go out-on-a-limb and open these businesses was easy for them as they have felt the community’s support for most of their lives, mowing lawns and removing snow as young boys in their neighborhood. This support system validates their business models and allows them to grow and develop in the comfort of their familiar communities.

Another resource to add power to their punch is Grant Hammond, their director of financial operations. Grant was a lifetime friend of the Boren’s, attended OSU at the same time as the brothers, and has been their right hand with financial knowledge and overall organizational strategies for Grass Groomers Inc. and Boren Brothers LLC.

This team of hard-working leaders coordinates and cooperates to run two separate entities. Grass Groomers Inc. is their full-service commercial grounds maintenance company with Boren Brothers Snow and Ice Management (DBA of Grass Groomers Inc.) which provides commercial properties with cold weather snow/ice removal services. Boren Brothers, LLC is their waste removal company offering customers frontload, roll-off, and compactor trash services.

Philanthropic events are a passion for these companies. During a fundraising event, the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer, Zach had a chance meeting with Heartland’s chairman and CEO, Scott McComb, and a relationship was born. Prior to the cruise, the Boren’s were introduced to Heartland Bank by Brad Eldridge, managing member at BSE Partners LLC, who is an outside accountant for the Boren’s. The Boren’s group of companies had been looking for a local bank, and with this casual meeting with Heartland’s leader and other associates on the cruise, they gained personal insight to validate their switch. According to Mike, “When things were great, they were great, but it can feel like a one-sided relationship,” referring to a bigger bank.

“The one thing about Heartland is being able to have a relationship. They are local, and we can actually go meet with them,” shared Justin. It is another form of community connection that they value, and it’s why they’ve invested in their communities. They also believe that culture sets you apart as a business, and it is why they chose Heartland, and it is how they maintain successful companies. “Culture sets you apart, and we are passionate about customer service. Service is what drives us and at the end of the day, customer service is relationships,” added Jacoby. They are also committed to customer service with their employees – welcoming their ideas, handling their issues and making changes that are needed. “We are a family and a team.”

If you want to view your banking relationship as a family and a team, we invite you to visit any one of our 16 branches where you can speak with a Heartland associate about joining our team where we treat you like family!