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Get to know Kailyn McComb!

Get to know Kailyn McComb!

Thursday, September 24, 2020/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Those familiar with Heartland Bank definitely recognize the McComb name. Several might know the name Tiney McComb, founder of Heartland Bank. Most will know Scott McComb, current Chairman, President and CEO at Heartland Bank. However, there is another McComb at Heartland, and we are fortunate to have a hidden gem in Kailyn McComb, the third generation of the McComb family to commit her career to community banking.

Starting with the bank as a marketing intern, Kailyn is now the branch manager of Heartland’s Clintonville branch. “My job ranges from running a teller window to opening deposit accounts, making consumer loans, and going out into the community to meet local business owners to share what Heartland has to offer. I like to think of myself as a financial firefighter – the person my customers can call when they run into a problem – no matter how big or how small!” She is most proud of more than doubling the size of the Clintonville branch since she has been the manager. “Clintonville is a new market for Heartland Bank, and it feels good to know that I was part of helping earn the trust of local business owners and community members while establishing the Heartland brand image in the community.”

Kailyn realizes the responsibility on her shoulders cannot be taken lightly. She has also observed as her late grandfather and father have devoted their lives to the family business and the community banking mentality. “My goal for the future is that I can continue to show people that banking is NOT a commodity, but a community service. As I grow as a banker, I gain more tools that allow me to help more people – I want my toolbelt to be as full as possible!” Kailyn’s toolbelt also includes an education from The Ohio State University. She has a combination of education and lifelong experience with bankers to prepare her for the strategic plan she is destined to help carry out.

As usual, she is modest about the path she has in her future at the bank and is quick to share, “I am not the only associate with a legacy generation that worked for Heartland Bank! Bob Amerine was one of the original investors that helped my grandfather, Tiney McComb, acquire the Croton Bank and move it to Columbus. Today, I have the pleasure of working with Bob’s grandson, Michael Amerine, VP, commercial relationship manager, each and every day to continue the path of our grandfathers to make our communities a better place to live.”

The Heartland way of life is second nature to Kailyn, and she can pinpoint exactly what makes it stand apart from other banks. “You are not just a number at Heartland Bank. We create unmatched value for our customers by being attentive to their individual needs and finding creative solutions for their finances. We know their name, their spouse’s name, where their kids are going to school and what kind of dog they have. By developing deep relationships with our customers, we are able to better understand their banking habits, which in turn helps us protect their assets and set them up for success in the future.”

She also has a built-in, heightened sense of morality. When asked what advice she would give to new Heartland associates, she replied, “It is not a crime to make a mistake – It is a crime to cover it up.” This goes hand-in-hand with her understanding of Quality and Excellence – an award given to Heartland associates, by Heartland associates. “Quality and Excellence means doing what is right – not what is easy. It means always going above and beyond, not because of the incentive, but because you believe in the service you are providing.”

Does she have time for anything outside of her work life? She is very busy, but always makes time to volunteer on several Heartland bank committees, the Clintonville/Beechwold CRC and at the Clintonville 4th of July community breakfast. Kailyn enjoys working in her flower garden, following in her grandmother’s footsteps, and caring for her five fur babies, which includes one cat and four dogs.

Heartland has been like a second home to Kailyn, and she admits, “I’ve gotten to be part of some really amazing things because of Heartland Bank. I’ve ridden in a hot air balloon, I’ve come ‘close’ to winning a pie eating contest, a few years in a row.  I’ve helped an entrepreneur start their own business. I’ve made amazing friendships with co-workers, and I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside my father. These people are my family, and this place is my home, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

If you’d like to have a relationship with a banker like Kailyn – someone devoted to the Heartland way and willing to go above-and-beyond for their clients, come on over to Heartland and get to know our people!