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Get to Know Brian Fracker

Get to Know Brian Fracker

Tuesday, December 3, 2019/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Heartland takes pride in its associates and is always willing to brag a bit about the individuals that devote their time and talents to making the Heartland family a strong, successful and cohesive group. If 27 years of commitment proves anything, Brian Fracker is definite proof that a career is built on more than an office and a paycheck!

As an Agribusiness banker located in our Newark branch office, Brian is on the front lines of the Agricultural environment in Central Ohio. With Licking County as the home of Heartland, he has tall boots to fill as Heartland’s history is grounded in this county when The Croton Bank Company (with a name change to Heartland Bank in 1987) was founded in 1911 by farmers for farmers. As a farmer himself, Brian is committed to seeking and obtaining agribusiness clients who seek value in their banking relationships while still having access to competitive and innovative products and services.

During his tenure at Heartland, Brian is most proud of the growth of the bank and his division. “Building a successful Licking County commercial portfolio peaking over $70 million, which is two times the size of the bank when it became Heartland in 1987, is a milestone in my career. Most recently, I am excited to be helping the bank launch an Agribusiness Department that is in the process of building a presence throughout the state of Ohio. We are currently in 55 Ohio counties.” With a goal for Heartland to reach all 88 of Ohio’s counties before he retires, Brian believes in sharing his expertise and providing his advice to ensure the wellbeing of his clients while building on a relationship that also allows for the risks to be communicated.

Brian’s belief in solid, established relationships does not stop with his clients. He believes that these strong bonds build a successful work environment also. “If you put yourself into this organization with all that you have, there is much that will return. I can trace many things that my family has in this life because of the hard work and opportunities provided through Heartland. Heartland cares about its associates as much as it cares about its clients.”

Sharing his thoughts on the Heartland work family, Brian can’t help but intertwine his work life with his home life. “The love and support that my family has received over the years has been very humbling.” His length of employment speaks volumes – “After graduating from Capital University in 1989 with a business degree, I worked for Household Finance for three years before joining the bank in 1992. Otherwise, I have worked at Heartland my entire career!” Brian has stayed, grown and evolved with Heartland as this has been a foundation for his family and his future.

Looking to his future, Brian, or “Big Country” to his coworkers, shares that he wants “to retire to our family cattle farm and introduce my grandchildren to the rural country life (there’s nothing better). Who knows, maybe our farm can become a Century Ohio Farm (100 years owned by a single family)? It started in 1993, so we have a way to go.” Nonetheless, Brian does have other interests as he admits, “While attending College, I was fortunate to play basketball which was truly my first love, sorry Brenda (Brian’s wife). Besides college football and basketball (specifically OSU) and the cattle farm, I enjoy riding my ranch horse. Team penning and sorting are some of my favorite competitions which are cow-working events while riding your horse.”

How could Brian possibly have time for anything else? It must be that farmer’s blood as he additionally volunteers as a Trustee for the Licking Valley Church of Christ (20 years), served on the Newark Downtown Association (10 years), board member for Licking County Farm Bureau (2 years), OSU Extension Advisory Board member – Ag Committee (2 years), and assists with the Licking County Farm Tour.

If you’re looking for a bank that has plenty of time for you, their associates and their community, come on over to Heartland, where banking feels good!