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Do you have a relationship with your banker? Meet Lesley Williamson – a proud Heartland Banker!

Do you have a relationship with your banker? Meet Lesley Williamson – a proud Heartland Banker!

Thursday, October 14, 2021/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Do you have a relationship with your banker? Meet Lesley Williamson – a proud Heartland Banker!

At Heartland Bank, relationships matter – whether it is with your banker, your commercial lender, between associates and even with the communities we serve. Lesley Williamson, district manager for Heartland’s Gahanna, Whitehall and Westerville markets, understands that #RelationshipsMatter and is devoted to guiding her branches to excellence in their daily commitments, long-term goals and relationships both in the workplace and in the communities they call home.

Lesley is a hands-on leader. “The branches in my district operate together in a cohesive, supportive manner. There are several associates in my district working toward the next step in their professional development, and I’m proud to lead a team that is so engaged.” With this team-player mentality, Lesley has built relationships with each team member and continues to be a proactive leader to facilitate relationship building within the client base as well.

Starting as the Gahanna branch manager in 2019, Lesley’s exposure to Heartland’s culture was just developing momentum as the entire bank/client environment was muddied by the effects of Covid-19 and the adaptations that ensued. This didn’t stop her from reaching for extreme goals and challenging her staff to assist the clients in the safest and most effective ways possible. “Heartland’s culture is one of associate empowerment. Being in this line of business, I am trusted to make thoughtful decisions that directly impact my clients and the bank.” She took this to heart, benefiting not only her team, but the clients in the communities they serve.

Her positive attitude can be seen as a motivational guide and learning opportunity for other associates. “You’re not going to acclimate overnight. Don’t let one bad day (or days) throw you off course. Keep your side of the street clean and work hard to develop meaningful relationships with other associates.”  According to Alyssa Booms, director of branch banking, “Lesley is an effective leader who focuses on building strong relationships with her clients, her peers and her partners. She volunteers her time in the community, exhibits hustle on a daily basis, and also takes the time to coach and develop her team. Lesley is a true example of a Heartland community banker!”

Even though Lesley is not a Buckeye from birth, she is now a devoted Central Ohio community banker and Gahanna resident. “I was born in Pittsburgh and my dad’s work moved us to Westerville when I was 12 years old. I’ve lived in a few different areas of Columbus throughout my adult life, but in 2017, my husband and I bought our home in Gahanna. We LOVE Gahanna and I expect to stay put for a long time!” 

“I have been the Community Service Chair for the Gahanna Rotary for two years. That position has allowed me to organize several service projects throughout the Gahanna community. I also participate in many events in New Albany through the Chamber of Commerce. On Sundays, I volunteer in the kid’s ministry of my church with kindergarteners.” Lesley’s commitment to her community mirrors her leadership strategies – step up, dig in and give back.

With all her commitments, she does make family one of her priorities. “My amazing husband, Joe, and I have two kids - Isaac (8) and Wren (2). I am so grateful for this man and our kiddos.” Lesley’s lighter side shined through when she was asked about her outside interests, and she replied, “I’m a working mom with two young children. I’m interested in sleeping and hiding in the garage to eat a candy bar.”

If you are looking for a real relationship with a banker that will make sure you matter 24/7, come on over to Heartland and visit any one of our branches to see our teams in action!