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Diyanni Homes

Diyanni Homes

Monday, June 10, 2019/Categories: Customer Stories

The Diyanni difference is not just apparent in their finished product – a dream home to last a lifetime. It exists in the commitment of the associates, the dedication of the family and the desire of the Diyannis to be the largest scatter lot (customer owned) builder in the Midwest, if not the United States.

With humble beginnings in the late 1970’s, the five Diyanni brothers learned the construction trade from their father and grandfather. Building a custom home from day one through completion meant learning the various trade specialties and relying on each other to fill in any gaps, creating the ultimate set of skills. This also meant that the family team would pull from a foundation of biblical principles to remain sane and successful while destined to create an environment of honesty, integrity and respect – three words that would become the guiding principles to the inspired, visionary leadership model for the family.

This foundation gave the Diyanni team purpose and would further build on their belief that “actions speak louder than words,” per Phil, the Diyanni brother running the operations side of the construction business. Profound words for the world today, but clearly representing the guiding principles and mission of Diyanni Homes. A mission, however, that is not blasted at the readers of their website. They don’t follow the politically correct business model that demands a mission statement exist front and center. Diyanni Homes steps out of the box and simply shares their foundational beliefs of honesty, integrity and respect.

Phil and Ray Diyanni run the show today, but there are nearly 40 nieces and nephews that could ultimately call Diyanni Homes their work home. Phil does admit though that its all about hiring the best people, whether family or not. They learned from the beginning that hiring experienced associates aligns with their guiding principles and payoffs dividends that can’t always be quantified on paper. Thus, they are committed to quality and are confident that some choices can’t always be based on the bottom line.

Quality is also what they expect from their banking relationship. Diyanni’s previous bank was fine, until they needed funding for a model home, and their bank at that time was asking them to jump through hoops that seemed out-of-the-ordinary for a longtime customer. That bank’s lack of customer service prompted Phil to travel just around the block from their corporate office, knock on Heartland Bank’s Reynoldsburg branch door, and soon after move all of Diyanni’s banking to Heartland Bank. A choice he is happy to share with anyone who asks!

Relying on street credit for a great deal of their business, the Diyanni Homes’ story will hopefully bring your banking business over to Heartland if you’re not already with us. Heartland Bank, like Diyanni Homes, takes pride in the word-of-mouth referral: nothing better than a happy customer telling their story to friends and family! If you’re looking to build your dream, banking relationship, stop in any one of our 16 branch locations for the building blocks to your future.