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CRDN of Greater Columbus

CRDN of Greater Columbus

Wednesday, August 14, 2019/Categories: Customer Stories

Small businesses build communities.  They are the anchors to the infrastructure, and their success guides the success of those around them.  CRDN of Greater Columbus (Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network) is just that type of business to Central Ohio and Heartland Bank as their continued success inspires a partnership between a bank and a business destined for an extraordinary future.

Purchased by Matt Starkey and Seth Rowe in July of 2018, these two entrepreneurs were looking to make their mark on the world and empower their employees along the way. Seth had been working for CRDN/Ross Restoration for nearly 9 years and Matt was looking for a new business venture. They combined their talents, expertise and strategies for success to acquire their franchise of CRDN in Central Ohio based on an insightful work ethic, commitment to core values including work/life balance, and a culture focused on benefits that offer financial security and healthcare accessibility.

CRDN is an international network of disaster restoration experts serving the insurance industry, contractors, contents cleaning companies and property owners. CRDN members follow standardized, consistent and proven processes to restore garments, household fabrics and consumer electronics, leading to improved accuracy and customer satisfaction. CRDN of Greater Columbus is located in 20,000 square-feet of warehouse/office space on Commerce Court on the west side of Blacklick. A significant portion of this space is devoted to storage of cleaned garments and household items, with a sizable area devoted to the production equipment needed after various damages experienced in homes, offices and commercial properties. A section is additionally dedicated to the restoration of electronics – a newer aspect of the franchise, but a growing segment nonetheless, as our culture becomes increasingly dependent on electronic devices of all forms.

As natural and weather-related disasters are continuing to happen but yet are very unpredictable, the partners were well aware that purchasing this successful franchise of CRDN in Central Ohio would require additional capital beyond their direct means. An introduction to Heartland leadership from a friend led Matt to reconnect with Natalie Hay, a former co-worker from a previous career. This established relationship quickly provided a high level of comfort for both parties.

“Our company was impressed with the involvement of senior leadership and frictionless credit process. The Heartland team quickly understood the key aspects of our business and provided the capital required to meet our needs,” said Matt as he reflected on the strategic match between CRDN and Heartland. Establishing a full banking relationship with Heartland, CRDN looks forward to the opportunities yet to come from this valuable partnership.

These opportunities include not only strategic business decisions, but also plans that contribute to the consistency, stability and security of the work environment for the staff that earns Matt and Seth’s respect daily. They believe in accommodating the work/life balance and leading by example. Occasional pizza Fridays, summertime cookouts, and the introduction of benefits like retirement savings, dental plans and vision insurance contribute to their ways of paying-it-forward. Matt and Seth provide these benefits as they understand the hard-day’s work of their employees – often covering for vacations and working different staff positions to keep the pulse of the operation.

Devotion to the people portfolio is a trait that Heartland and CRDN have in common. With this understanding under the belts of both companies, collaboration and comprehension are inevitable, leading to positive outcomes for all involved. If you want a banking relationship that is based on the understanding of not only the operations of your business, but also the people behind it, stop by any of our 16 locations and experience the difference a community can make!