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Congratulations Burton Metal Finishing on Grand Re-Opening!

Friday, July 31, 2015/Categories: Community, Customer Stories, Products & Services

The relationship between Burton Metal Finishing and Heartland Bank was established when the company was founded 28 years ago, long before the fire that ravaged their manufacturing facility on October 4, 2013. In the previous year, the bank worked alongside the Burton family to deepen that relationship and assist with revitalizing their struggling business. The revival began when the family (President Dan Burton, VP Scott Burton and CFO Victoria Burton) wanted to deepen that relationship and assist with revitalizing their struggling business. The revival began, when the family, like so many other small business owners across the country, sought financial help from their local bank. At that time, Heartland suggested that the family work directly with FocusCFO, a local financial consulting and management firm, to help make improvements in areas such as efficiency and leadership. After evaluating the business, FocusCFO made suggestions that would improve cash flow, operations, internal accounting and revenue. With the help of this group, Burton Metal Finishing began a rise toward success.

Just as the family business began to thrive, a three-alarm fire stifled their manufacturing capabilities. Like the mythological Phoenix, though, it was here where rebirth from the ashes began. The family became determined not to let this tragedy prevent them from keeping their legacy alive. The dedication of each employee was evident as they did everything from sweeping floors to tearing down walls, all in the hopes of moving the company back to the manufacturing facility. While the employees worked on rebuilding the plant, Heartland Bank offered financial guidance to get the company back to a profitable operating position.

For months, the team at Heartland Bank worked tirelessly to develop a course of action that would allow Burton Metal Finishing to stay open while rebuilding. Employees performed job duties that were not the usual – a fire can bring out survival skills! Immediately following the fire, CEO Scott McComb, several senior managers and members of the Grove City branch staff organized and provided a hot lunch for the workers and employees that were cleaning the premises. This act did not go unnoticed by the Burton family, especially Scott, who said, “The employees of Heartland Bank and management took the time out of their daily schedules to cook and serve food at a cookout for our employees... now where have you heard of other well-known banks doing this unless it was for publicity. Heartland and its employees did it because they CARE!” 

Finally, a plan was devised to assist Burton Metal Finishing with the process of re-establishing a functioning manufacturing floor. Working closely with partners at the Community Capital Development Corporation and the Small Business Administration they opened their doors again in February of 2015 - 16 long months after the fire.

“Heartland Bank stood beside the Burton family when many banks would have walked away,” said CFO Victoria. “They represent many things that are difficult to find in the business world today. The employees of the bank personally know who you are and find ways with their expertise to help get you the financing that fits your needs.” 

Burton Metal Finishing celebrated their Grand Re-Opening on Thursday, July 30.