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Anita Pryor is in the Associate Spotlight!

Anita Pryor is in the Associate Spotlight!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Heartland Bank is fortunate to have many associates that refer to themselves as lifers – those individuals that have devoted 5 years plus to the bank and have no interest in looking elsewhere for a new career as they are committed to the Heartland culture and family. Anita Pryor is a lifer that is proud to have 15 years of service at Heartland Bank, and she looks forward to a captivating career with intriguing possibilities.

Anita is a senior loan processor in Heartland’s Commercial Loan Operations department. Working in the consumer and commercial divisions since she was hired, Anita started her career in an unexpected way. “I attended two years of college to become a veterinarian. My life went a bit sideways at that time, and I ended up leaving school and moving to New Hampshire and getting a job working for First Essex Bank in Massachusetts as a receptionist for their Residential Mortgage Loan department.  I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the beginning of my career in banking and lending!”

Anita’s current responsibilities include processing commercial Small Business Administration (SBA) loans as well as submitting monthly reports. During the pandemic, her specific skill set was heavily relied upon as the Paycheck Protection Program was administered through the SBA. Her involvement with the SBA loans was by design though, as Anita volunteered to oversee all of the SBA loan processing and reporting while also committing to streamlining and organizing the entire segment within the commercial division. Anita shared, “Since I took over the SBA loan processing, Heartland Bank has won two awards from the SBA: 2018 Rising Star of the Year and 2019 Top Ten Lender of the Year. I feel that I had a significant role in winning these awards for the bank and for this, I’m very proud!”

With Heartland Bank’s continual growth, Anita’s long-term goal is to oversee an SBA Loan Processing department. As for her future at Heartland, she lives by the advice that she would give to a new Heartland associate, “My advice to new Heartland associates would be to work hard, have goals, and be patient.  Starting a new job here comes with learning A LOT. Not only are you learning how to do a new job, but you must also learn all of the things that come with working at a bank, from security to compliance and it can, at times, be overwhelming.  But if you can be patient, all of those things will come in time and the people that work here will never let you fail. We are a team, and we are always here to help you succeed!”

However, Heartland doesn’t monopolize all her time, and she is quick to admit that family, friends and hobbies capture her free time. Anita has a son, Alex, and a granddaughter, Avery. She also enjoys cooking, gardening and traveling. “In my personal life, my goal is to live the best life I can, retire and travel the world!”

Associates like Anita are prized possessions at Heartland Bank. The exceptional customer service that Heartland banks on is only possible with committed team members like Anita. “Anita’s great work is a key component to our success. Anita works hard to ensure accuracy, mitigate transaction risk and deliver on-time closings. The relationships she has formed throughout our bank is a testament to her being a team player,” added Ben Babcanec, Chief Operating Officer at Heartland.

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