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2017 Valentines Day - Relationships Matter Year-Round

Sunday, February 12, 2017/Categories: Heartland Bank

Happy Valentines Day GraphicDuring the month of February, Valentine’s Day comes along and we enjoy cards, candy, balloons, and flowers celebrating the importance of relationships with our significant others. Many times, however, relationships don’t have the benefit of lavish gifts.

Whether in a marriage, a business, or a friendship, a relationship involves mutual commitment of each party to the welfare of the other. Here at Heartland Bank, it means we work proactively with our clients to identify their business and financial needs and provide them with bank services to meet those needs. It also means we may be able to identify and address concerns or needs the client has not yet considered. Bankers are not perfect or all-knowing, but our exposure to numerous businesses across many industries often provides us with a perspective that clients can use to their own advantage.

At Heartland Bank, we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many clients who value relationships as much as we do. They understand that developing one requires a commitment of time and information, and that communication is essential so that each party understands the other’s objectives and goals. Why do relationship bankers want all that financial information? It’s just one of the tools we use to understand our client’s financial position and be better able to match the bank’s available resources to their needs.

Relationships are quite possibly the most important investments we will ever make. At Heartland Bank, we’re committed to your success and to proving that relationship is more than just a word.

At Heartland Bank, relationship banking is the rule, not the exception.