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2017 Mission Backpack School Supply Drive

Saturday, July 15, 2017/Categories: Community

Kids with BackpacksHow many of us remember the excitement of getting ready for the first day of school? Your parents probably helped you choose new clothes, new shoes or maybe a brand new haircut. And of course, new school supplies.

Now imagine you’re a kid whose parents can’t afford new clothes or shoes or school supplies. Getting ready to go back to school is not exciting, it is embarrassing. Maybe even scary because you’re not like other kids with their new clothes and supplies. For you, it will be a struggle to keep up with everyone else in class because you will not have the tools you need to learn.

Being nervous about whether you’ll fit in at school is normal. Fearing that you’ll be made fun of or will fall behind in class because your family can’t afford a calculator just shouldn’t happen. You can make sure it doesn’t by participating in the Mission Backpack School Supply Drive.

From July 17 to August 5, the LSS Food Pantries and Heartland Bank will be holding a back-to-school school supply drive. Please go to or visit one of our branches for a list of needed supplies. Fill a backpack with the supplies and then drop them off at any central Ohio Heartland Bank location or the LSS food pantries on Champion Ave or Wilson Rd. LSS will then distribute the supplies to children in Franklin County who might otherwise have to go to school without.

Every child deserves to start their school year off right. Help us make that true for thousands of kids in Franklin County.

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