Client Testimonials

High Fives from our loyal customers!

At Heartland Bank, we take great pride in our commitment to client satisfaction. While we like to think we do a great job, it's when we get confirmation from those we serve that it means the most. Several customers below share the stories of their experiences with Heartland and we thank them for taking the time to do so. High Fives are affirmation that what we do makes a difference in our community and we're proud to boast just a little!

Image of Indus Hotels

“Indus Hotels is committed to building long-term relationships with our customers, employees, and our investors. Heartland Bank shares that same passion. Most importantly, they were there for us when we needed them the most - at the depth of the last recession. For that, we are extremely grateful. Thank you, Team Heartland!”

David Patel
Indus Hotels

Image of Greg Overmyer

“We love working with a hometown bank that makes us feel special and not just like a number. They are responsive to our needs and believe in relationships!”

Greg Overmyer, CPCU, CEO
Overmyer Hall Associates

Image of Bishop Donald

“By refinancing with Heartland Bank, and lowering our interest rate, we were given much needed breathing room. In my estimation, Heartland Bank has heart for this community and I will be eternally grateful for their very professional, but personal and passionate touch.”

Bishop Donald J. Washington
Mt. Hermon Baptist Missionary Church

Image of Bob Schilling

“For years I tried to find a lender who understood the rehab business and was willing to take on more challenging projects. Imagine my surprise when I met with a Heartland Bank loan officer who not only liked the project, but the CEO, Tiney McComb, wanted to meet us! He wanted to see some of our completed and proposed projects. Tiney liked what we were doing and he made some insightful suggestions. The rest is 20 plus years of a successful banking relationship. Today, Scott, like his father, takes a personal interest in our family business and is willing to share his unique business insights to improve our bottom line.”

Bob Schilling Urban Restorations

Image of Dr Devese

“I have been a customer of Heartland Bank for about 5 years now. They are the best. They have been there for me personally and when I had needs in my practice. I really appreciate the warm friendly manner in which they do business. It is this same atmosphere I try to create in my dental practice.”

Dr. Larry Devese
A Smile by Dr. Devese

Image of Stacy Wills

“Being partnered with Heartland Bank is one of the best business decisions I have made since taking over from my father. To have a bank that shares your business vision is just the best. THANKS HEARTLAND!”

Stacy Wills
Eitel’s Towing

Image of Lloyd Craycroft

“When it comes to banking and financial services, there are a lot of choices out there. We chose Heartland Bank because we are more than just another customer to them. They are true community partners-sincerely interested in our organization and even supporting our effort to help needy families. Our experience has been that Heartland Bank really does care.”

Lloyd Craycroft, Executive Director
Victory Ministries Center of Hope

Image of Elizabeth Velas

“As we started the very stressful process of becoming small business owners, it was easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Then, we met Kelly Law and the wonderful staff at Heartland Bank. Within days, our loan application was approved. In three months, we signed the papers to become the new owners of two Merry Moppet Early Learning Centers in Central Ohio. The convenient location of the Hilliard branch makes my business banking easy. Since that time, they’ve also financed two new vehicles for us. Their willingness to help is invaluable and I will recommend Heartland Bank to everyone I meet!”

Elizabeth Velas
Merry Moppet Early Learning Center

Image of Sean Rittinger

“Heartland is local banking with big banking backbone. It seems to me that they are rooted in agriculture, maybe strayed away from it, but now they are coming back and want to work with producers to learn what we need in the banking world and what works for us, because agriculture is different; cash flows can get tight,” shared Sean.

Sean Rittinger
Rittinger Farm's LLC