Why do I receive SMS text message errors when I try to request my account balance or transactions?

Mobile Banking’s SMS text message service requires each account in Online Banking to have a nickname.  If you have not named your accounts, you will need to in order to use this service. When creating nicknames in Online Banking, use only alpha and numeric characters. Keep them short as you will be using them to text.

I have an auto-signature attached to each of my sent text messages. Will my signature cause errors when texting commands to Mobile Banking?

Yes. The system will think the signature is part of the account nickname and return an error. Disable the text message auto signature feature before you send text inquiries to Mobile Banking.

Are SMS text commands case-sensitive?

No.  Whether you text BAL or bal, you will receive a response with your account balance information.

What should I do if I don’t get a response to a SMS text request?

Confirm that you sent your request to 469228.  Be sure to check keywords and any additional information required (nickname, command, etc.).