What new features are included in this mobile banking upgrade?

Mobile Banking logins and passwords will adopt the stronger security requirements currently in place for Online Banking offering the added convenience of maintaining only one set of credentials for both systems.

When using the Heartland Bank Mobile App, you can now enjoy the safety, security and convenience of depositing checks directly into your savings account.

Mobile Deposit Auto Capture provides real-time, on-screen feedback while positioning your device to capture a suitable image of your mobile deposit.

How does this affect me?

You will no longer have a separate login and password for Mobile Banking.  Simply use your Online Banking login /password to access your account information using Heartland Bank’s Mobile Banking apps or Mobile website.

How do I change my online/mobile banking login?

Log in to Online Banking, under the main menu, click Preferences > Change Login Id. On the Change Login Id screen, enter your New Username, enter your New Username again then click Save. On the Confirm Change Login Id screen, you are required to use a One Time PIN (OTP) code to complete the change. Select how you want to receive the OTP code and click Send OTP. Once the OTP code is received, enter the code then click Confirm to complete the change.

What are the login requirements for online/mobile banking?

Logins are alphanumeric with a minimum length of 6 characters and maximum length of 30 characters and NO special characters.

How do I change my online/mobile banking password?

Log in to Online Banking, under the main menu click Preferences > Change Password. On the Change Password screen, enter your current Password, enter a New Password then enter the New Password again to confirm then click Submit. On the Confirm Password screen, click Confirm to complete the change.

What are the password requirements for online/mobile banking?

  • Alphanumeric with a minimum length of 8 characters
  • Must contain at least 1 number but CANNOT start with a number
  • Must contain at least 1 of these special characters $  !  ~  &  =  #  @
  • You cannot use your last 10 passwords

What happened to the Change Password option in mobile banking?

The Change Password option was removed from the Mobile Banking menu.  Please log in to Online Banking to change your Online Banking/Mobile Banking password.

Can I use Touch ID security on my mobile phone with my mobile banking app?

Yes, Heartland Bank’s Mobile Banking app can use the Touch ID security if you have Touch ID enabled on your mobile phone. 

Why won’t my mobile app let me log in with Touch ID security?

Make sure the Remember Username option is enabled on the login screen of Heartland Bank’s mobile app.