Does Mobile Banking work with all wireless carriers?

Yes. There are no restrictions on cell phone carriers.

How do I get enrolled for Mobile Banking access?

Frist, you must be enrolled in Online Banking.  If you are, simply log in to Online Banking and select the Mobile Banking.  Read and accept the disclaimer, complete the required information, then click “Enroll.”

I lost my cellphone. How do I stop access to Mobile Banking?

Log in to Online Banking and select Mobile Banking. Then make your choice as to “Disable” or “Un-enroll” from Mobile Banking.

If I don’t have a data package or internet access on my mobile device, can I still use Mobile Banking?

Yes. If your mobile device is set up with SMS text message service, you can still interact with Mobile Banking through text messages.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Yes. Mobile Banking uses the same multi-factor authentication security as your Online Banking account. You will be asked to answer one of your Online Banking security questions every time you log in to Mobile Banking because most cellphone browsers can’t store cookies.

Are transfers made between Heartland Bank accounts via Mobile Banking immediate?

Yes. Transfers made via Mobile Banking are immediate.

What if I think my Mobile Banking has been compromised and it is after hours?

You can disable or un-enroll your Mobile Banking access from your Online Bank account by logging into Online Banking and selecting Mobile Banking.

What is the difference between Un-enroll and Disable mobile access?

“Un-enroll” will delete your Mobile Banking information from the system and you will be required to enroll again if you want to use the Mobile Banking feature. “Disable Mobile Access” simply disables the use of Mobile Banking, but retains your Mobile Banking information on the system. After you disable your mobile access, the button will change to “Enable Mobile Access” in Online Banking.

What if I need help?

Please email us at or call Client Services at 1-800-697-0049.