How do I install Trusteer Rapport?

On our website, go to Personal menu and select Protect Yourself. Under the Trusteer section, choose Click here for more information.

How can I tell that Trusteer Rapport is working?

You should have a Trusteer Rapport icon in your browser's address bar. It will be a small box that is green or grey. For a webpage that is protected by Rapport, the icon will be green and for an unprotected page, the icon will be grey.

Which browsers and operating systems are supported by Trusteer Rapport?

I can’t see the Trusteer Rapport icon next to the address bar - what does that mean?

If the Rapport icon is no longer visible:

  • You may have removed the icon – either go to for support or locate the setting under the Trusteer Endpoint Protection program on your computer, then Trusteer Endpoint Protection Console.  Next go to Address bar icon click show. Restart your browser (close all open browser windows and open a new window).
  • Your browser may not be supported – see current supported browser list at
  • Rapport is not running – go to Start then All Programs then Trusteer Endpoint Protection then Start Trusteer Endpoint Protection.
  • If you still experience issues, go to the Rapport Console under Trusteer Endpoint Protection under your programs and click Report a Problem

Why might the Trusteer Rapport icon not appear on my Mac?

  • You might need to restart your computer after the installation/update process
  • You operating system might not be supported – see question above
  • If you are using PC Tools iAntivirus or Application Enhancer (found in System Preferences) – these are not compatible with Trusteer Rapport
  • Your browser may be set to automatically open on start-up preventing Rapport’s insertion – go to and type your question in the “Ask a question” navigation bar. 

Are there any known conflicts between Trusteer Rapport and other security products?

Trusteer Rapport is fully compatible with most other security software. However, some third party products require additional action to avoid conflicts. If you need assistance, please go to and type the above question in the “Ask a question” navigation bar.

Why can't I protect new websites in Google Chrome after installing Trusteer Rapport?

Normally, when you click a grey Rapport icon in the browser's address bar, you're presented with the option to protect the site you’re currently browsing. If you are attempting to protect a site on Google Chrome and you receive an error type message, go to

How can I verify the Google Chrome Rapport extension is installed and enabled?

  • On the browser toolbar, click the Chrome menu icon
  • Click More tools and then click Extensions
  • Verify that the Rapport extension if on the list and enabled
  • If the extension is not installed, go to and type “How to enable Google Chrome Rapport extension” in the “Ask a question” navigation bar.

How do I uninstall Trusteer Rapport?

For detailed support relating to your particular browser, please visit and type the above question in their “Ask a question” navigation bar.