Certificates of Deposit

Reach your savings goals with a great CD rate!  Whether its a new car, a vacation or perhaps a wedding, saving for your goals is easy thanks to CDs from Heartland Bank.  A CD (Certificate of Deposit) allows you to pick the length of your savings term and a corresponding interest rate.  You'll earn interest at a higher rate than traditional savings accounts - making your goals that much easier to reach.  


Steps to get started

New to CDs and the world of investing?  No problem!  While putting your money out of reach (even for just a short time) may be a new concept to you, it's one of the smartest ways to invest and start having your money work for you (instead of you always working for your money).   In a nutshell, a CD keeps your money safe for the amount of time you decide.  You won't be able to spend it during this term of the account, but that means your money will be there, at the end of your CD term, if you need it.


Research:  Look online for articles about CDs and talk to people you trust about their investing experience.  You may even want to consult one of our wealth management advisors with Heartland Planning Associates


Determine Your Goals:  What do you want to save for?  A house in two years?  A vacation next summer?  Knowing your goals will guide you to the CD that's right for you


Look at your Budget:  Before you can invest, you have to figure out how much to invest.  Develop a budget of your monthly expenses and savings needs.  Then choose an amount you'd be comfortable not touching for the length of the CD


Pick your Term:  While a longer CD may offer a higher rate, you might feel more comfortable locking in your term for 12 or 18 months


Contact Heartland Bank:  Whether you apply online, in a branch or by phone, getting started with a CD takes only a few minutes



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