Business Retirement

Create a retirement plan for your employees

You’ve accomplished the difficult task of finding great employees – let us help you give them a great reason to stay!  A retirement package just might give you that extra leverage needed in a very competitive employee marketplace.

We are all in the same boat with retirement planning, and your employees often have the same issues that you and your own family are facing. We have the experience to assist with the difficult decisions and the expertise to guide you and your employees to an ideal retirement package.

    • Minimal startup and administrative costs
    • Potential tax credits for the employer
    • Allows tax-deductible contributions by the employer for your employees
    • Employer’s choice of annual amount and whether or not to contribute
  • Simple IRA
    • Employees contribute pre-tax compensation and you can match their contribution
    • Employer tax deductions for the contributions employees make to their accounts
    • Easy administration with minimal startup and maintenance cost
  • 401k/403b
    • A tax-advantaged method of saving for retirement for your employees
    • Easy and inexpensive to add to an already defined contribution plan
    • Funded by employee contributions - you may match contributions, partially or fully, subject to certain restrictions
    • Options for both for-profit and non-profit/tax-exempt organizations

We do not provide tax advice. Consult your tax advisor.

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